Diary of a winner an excerpt

In my dreams, there is one sound that keeps repeating itself, almost every night. It’s the rattle of the machine, that particular sound, a simple, clinking melody that tells me I’ve won the jackpot.

I never thought this could happen to me. Why me? I’m just a regular bloke. But after I wake up, I can still see a glimpse of those flashing light, and hear that sound, and I’m reminded that it was no dream at all. It is a sound like no other, and it is followed by a great anticipation, immense expectation for something that you just know it will change your life forever.

In an instant, your old self will cease to be, and your new life will begin. When you win the big jackpot, nothing remains the same. You suddenly begin to think how you had, in your old life, that is, to think twice before purchasing something. How you had to look for discount merchandise at the store, and how you had to work like a farm animal to pay for a weekend’s vacation.

For me, all that is gone now. After winning money online, I can now forget about the bank loans, No more worries about the rent. When you win it big, the full impact of it sometimes takes some time to sink in, but when it does, you suddenly realize that you can actually start living the way you always wanted to, like a king. There’s nothing to stop you, all the worries you had in your past life are gone, and the only care in the world for me is where I should plan my vacation next? Will it be a week in beautiful Venice, or a trail hike in South America? In fact, I think I will have them both. A new Mercedes, or that eye poking 4X4 of my wildest dreams? Oh yes, the answer is they will both do just fine.